Should you rent an office in an industrial park?

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Office buildings in industrial parks have advantages in terms of scale, proximity to production areas, research facilities, and synchronized infrastructure at a reasonable cost. However, offices in industrial parks also have their own limitations. Let's explore the advantages and limitations of offices in industrial parks together!

The 3 advantages of renting an office in an industrial park

Affordable cost

This is the most notable benefit of an office in an industrial park. The cost advantage is achieved because developers focus on developing large-scale areas, concentrating all the infrastructure facilities serving partners in the park, such as road systems, ports, high-voltage power (for production), telecommunications systems, water supply, wastewater treatment, cultural development centers, fire stations, dormitories, parking lots, hospitals, etc. By leveraging this comprehensive system, businesses can save a significant amount of costs compared to building their own office headquarters/buildings.

Flexibility in operations

Industrial parks are usually used for various purposes and, therefore, built with diverse products. As a result, businesses have flexibility in negotiating lease agreements and meeting the requirements of the park. Moreover, businesses can combine the use of the building for multiple purposes such as office floors, research and development floors, light manufacturing floors, warehouses, etc.

Dynamic environment for expanding business relationships

Industrial parks naturally bring together various businesses ranging from manufacturing to research. It is an environment that promotes collaboration and development among businesses. The most concrete example is Silicon Valley in the United States and high-tech parks.

Some limitations when renting an office in an industrial park

  • Some new industrial parks may have incomplete infrastructure facilities such as restaurants, hospitals, etc. Businesses should thoroughly evaluate the infrastructure system of the park before making a decision.
  •  Office buildings in industrial parks often resemble each other, following industrial building standards. This can limit businesses' creativity in terms of architectural aesthetics.
  • For some businesses, industrial parks may be located too far from residential areas or city centers, making it difficult for them to find customers.

Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone - a notable location for renting an office in an industrial park in Ho Chi Minh City

Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone has been developing for over 30 years with a comprehensive infrastructure system that fully meets the needs of businesses with diverse and abundant industrial real estate products.

Office in Tan Thuan EPZ

Office buildings in Tan Thuan

Among them, the office buildings in Tan Thuan have always received special attention from investors both domestically and internationally. With a central location in District 7, only 4km from District 1, 15 minutes from District 2, and 2km from Phu My Hung urban area, our partners can leverage the customer and high-quality labor resources of Ho Chi Minh City while maintaining reasonable office costs.

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