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Office Building in EPZ - An Ideal Office Model for Technology Enterprises

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For high-tech companies, choosing a shared office space is undoubtedly one of the ideal and best choices. However, as the company grows larger, renting office space on a per-seat basis in shared offices increases business costs. Therefore, partnering with other businesses to lease office buildings together is a notable new trend. Why should you choose this office model? Let's explore it in more detail below with Tân Thuận.

What is a shared office building?

A shared office building is a model where multiple businesses rent office space together to meet their average space requirements, reasonable costs, and enjoy the benefits of a shared complex. In this model, each business will have its own workspace but can still exchange, share, and learn from each other's experiences.

Shared Office Spaces

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Why do shared office buildings attract high-tech businesses?

Shared office buildings attract many high-tech businesses due to the following reasons:

Available, spacious, and well-ventilated room systems meeting international standards

Businesses do not need to spend any costs on constructing rooms. The service provider of the shared office building offers available, spacious, well-ventilated rooms that meet the needs of many customers.

You will discover a beautiful and impressive working space combined with a full range of amenities to enhance productivity in business operations.

Cost savings

Instead of spending money on building and equipping utilities such as electricity, water, lighting, surveillance cameras, and fire protection systems, why not choose a shared office building to save costs and take advantage of the benefits in industrial parks?

You won't have to spend any construction fees but only pay the office rent on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. All maintenance and repairs in the office will be handled promptly and efficiently by the service provider.

Creating a dynamic working environment

High-tech labor concentrated in technology parks focusing on a professional working environment will have opportunities to exchange, learn, and share experiences. This will spark their interest, creativity, and the generation of excellent ideas in the process of solving work tasks. A dynamic environment that cares about the employees' lives will undoubtedly attract a large number of skilled workers and help businesses thrive.

Improving work efficiency

Shared offices contribute to improving work efficiency and maximizing profits for businesses. They not only easily attract skilled technology labor but also provide a place for employees to interact, exchange, and enhance expertise.

Tan Thuan specializes in providing high-quality office buildings

The key is to choose a reputable provider of shared office buildings with full facilities and modern equipment. To meet the needs of customers, Tan Thuan has been bringing in a system of office buildings suitable for high-tech companies. TTC's partners can collaborate and lease office buildings with full amenities and enjoy the advantages of industrial parks.

Tan Thuan provides various options for office buildings for rent:
With 30 years of experience in the market, Tan Thuan takes pride in its professional and dedicated staff, ready to serve customers wholeheartedly. The system of office buildings for rent at Tan Thuan is built to standard, with multiple options and reasonable and stable prices.

The highlight that attracts customer attention to Tan Thuan is the prime location of the office, convenient and attracting many potential customers. A beautiful location significantly contributes to the company's image and helps high-tech businesses get closer to their customers.

The office for rent at Tan Thuan is located in the city center, near the seaport, near Tan Son Nhat International Airport, and adjacent to major arterial roads. A large office rental fund combined with a modern and intelligent utility system is an advantage for Tan Thuan to gain customers' trust.

In addition, Tan Thuan is currently gathering many high-tech companies to build a high-end ecosystem with full facilities such as kindergartens, medical areas, dining areas, shopping areas, etc. This attracts a large number of skilled workers and ensures their quality of life is elevated to a new level.

Visit Tan Thuan today to explore the modern office building system and enjoy the exclusive benefits only available at Tan Thuan. Our staff is always ready to serve and answer any inquiries related to our attentive and detailed services.