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Factors influencing the rental price of industrial warehouses

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Geographical location of industrial warehouses

The geographical location of industrial warehouses is a key factor that significantly affects the cost structure of businesses. It not only includes the annual rental cost but also operational costs such as transportation of goods and products throughout the business's operations. Therefore, most businesses prioritize locations near major cities, close to centers with convenient infrastructure and transportation systems for easy distribution and product consumption. This helps reduce supply lead time and optimize transportation costs.

Central location helps businesses optimize costs

After a long period of strict social distancing measures due to the impact of COVID-19, with restrictions on interprovincial transportation, many businesses have realized the importance of having warehouses located near major cities such as Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. Unfortunately, land reserves for industrial purposes in central areas are increasingly limited, resulting in high costs, making it difficult for businesses to optimize their supply chains.

Warehouse area

Choosing a suitable location is not a simple task, as it is necessary to consider whether the central location has sufficient area to meet the needs of businesses. The rental cost will be proportional to the area rented. Therefore, administrators need to determine the scale that the business requires to make the most reasonable choice.

Currently, there are various rental forms such as square meter rental, tonnage rental, or lump-sum rental. Businesses can learn more about these options through warehouse rental providers.

Infrastructure and facilities of rented warehouses

There are various methods of constructing warehouses. Currently, pre-engineered steel warehouses are popular in industrial parks and export processing zones. However, certain industries should consider choosing reinforced concrete warehouses for the following reasons:
  • Industries with specific characteristics that require specialized machinery and facilities.
  • Industries that require maintaining a certain temperature for their products.

Pre-built warehouses should ensure quality and meet the functional requirements for the business's production. Another important consideration when choosing a rented warehouse is the lighting system and natural ventilation to prevent moisture and reduce electricity costs, which will be highly valued in terms of quality.

Transportation infrastructure and utilities in the industrial park for rent

In addition to the aforementioned factors, businesses also need to consider the infrastructure within the rental park. For example:
  • Transformer stations to provide stable and cost-effective electricity for production.
  •  Industrial wastewater treatment system that meets at least Class B standards.
  • Telecommunication and data information systems are also significant advantages.
  • Other utilities such as hospitals, fire stations, dining areas, kindergartens, dormitories for employees, etc.

Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone - An industrial park for renting warehouses conveniently located in the city center

Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone is proud to have 30 years of experience in investing and developing infrastructure in the industrial park sector. Over the past 30 years, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone has continuously improved its quality to provide the best services for partners within the zone.

Currently, it is the only export processing zone that still has land reserves to meet all the warehouse needs of businesses located near the center of Ho Chi Minh City. Situated in the heart of District 7, it is only 4km from District 1, 2km from Phu My Hung urban area, 8km from Cat Lai Port, and adjacent to VICT Port. This prime location allows businesses to optimize their supply chains. Some notable partners of TTC include FPT, PG, Renesas, Danieli, VNG, Shopee, and more.

Standard warehouses in Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone

Some accompanying services when renting warehouses in TTC:

  • Standard lighting, firefighting, lightning protection, and telecommunication systems.
  • Wastewater treatment system meeting Class B standards, optimized drainage system.
  • Power supply system directly connected to the national grid by EVN Tan Thuan.
  • Surrounding utilities such as hospitals, kindergartens, dormitories, restaurants, innovation areas, etc.

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