Office Solutions at the Incubation Center in Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone

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Building A, B & C are located at the Incubation Center, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, which is ideal for SME, high-tech, high-add valued, trading services,  software, and R&D, and representative offices of foreign corporations seeking to enter the Vietnamese market. 

Prime location for Business

Located at the entrance of the Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, the Incubation Center offers premium office spaces designed for optimal working environments and is surrounded by green spaces that facilitate a conducive atmosphere for productivity. 

Its strategic location ensures excellent connectivity to key areas such as District 1 (4km), Phu My Hung (2km), District 2 (8km), Tan Son Nhat International Airport (12km), Long Thanh International Airport (48km), and Cat Lai Port (8km). This guarantees efficient logistics and transportation for businesses, while also providing easy access to numerous business opportunities and services.

This combination of a high-quality workspace and prime location makes these buildings an ideal choice for businesses and a prime opportunity for Vietnam real estate investment.

Features of Buildings A, B & C

State-of-the-art facilities

Buildings A, B & C boast architectural designs with premium amenities, such as completed gypsum ceilings with integrated lighting systems, white-painted walls, and rough floors with trowel tiles. These features ensure a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing working environment. Additionally, the energy-efficient VRV air conditioning systems and large green spaces contribute to a comfortable and sustainable workspace, making them an attractive option for businesses.


The features of ABC Building


Flexible office spaces

The office spaces in Buildings A, B & C are designed to be flexible, with reasonable layouts to suit various business needs. Options range from 70m² to 940m² per floor, facilitating different business requirements. 

Specifically, floors 7-8-9 of the upcoming Building C, are divided into 4 units, while other floors are divided into 2 units, providing versatile office sizes for businesses of different scales. 


Strategic Location of Tan Thuan Epz

Comprehensive infrastructure

The three buildings are constructed of steel-reinforced concrete, ensuring durability and safety. Each building is well-organized with ample lighting and good ventilation, and is surrounded by spacious green landscaping, creating a conducive working environment.

 In addition, functional facilities such as  a reception hall, elevators and a parking tower are available

Sustainable power and telecommunication system

The consistent and high-capacity power supply is suitable for high-tech, software design and test centers companies. 

All big and local telecom corporations such as VNPT, FPT, CMC and Viettel with the comprehensive infrastructure, providing the wide bandwidth, the reliable and efficient technological supports.

Professional management

Building A, B and C -  Incubation Center are managed by an international professional management company, ensuring top-notch service and maintenance. This professional management helps create a hassle-free environment for businesses to focus on their core activities.

Quality living environment

The surrounding area features essential services such as banks, coffee shops, and cafeterias, ensuring that all daily needs are met within the premises.

Additionally, the nearby Phu My Hung New City Center offers a high-quality living environment for both foreign and domestic investors, specialists, and employees. This proximity to a well-developed residential area makes it convenient for businesses to attract and retain talent.

Elevate Your Business in Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone

Take advantage of the modern office solutions offered at the Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone. Whether you are looking for a supportive incubation environment or an established business seeking a strategic location with excellent facilities, Buildings A, B, and C are the ideal choice. Contact Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone today for prompt advice and support to secure your office space in this prime location. Make the move to elevate your business in a thriving and dynamic business hub.