Complete Infrastructure & Facilities

Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone

With over 30 years of experience, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone has completed a synchronized infrastructure system serving businesses and workers.


Comprehensive Infrastructure for Businesses

Electricity Supply System

Tan Thuan can connect to supply an electricity source with a capacity of up to 120 MW.

Water Supply System

The water supply source reaches 30,000 m³/day along with a backup water supply station up to 3,000 m³.

Telecommunication System

Tan Thuan has successfully attracted many telecommunications investors such as FPT, VNPT, CMC… to invest and upgrade the telecommunications infrastructure, ensuring businesses are provided with high-speed and stable internet sources.

Firefighting System

Tan Thuan has self-invested in a PCCC station with a professional firefighting team and specialized equipment. Notably, Tan Thuan is equipped with a 52-meter fire truck ladder, one of the two highest ladders in HCMC, ensuring sufficient capability to support the city in emergencies.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The wastewater treatment plant at Tan Thuan has a treatment capacity of up to 15,000 m³/day, using biological technology to ensure environmental safety.


Tan Thuan has many security posts within the zone and a 24/7 CCTV system to ensure absolute security.

Flood Prevention System

Tan Thuan is the first export processing zone in HCMC to equip a tidal valve system, ensuring that flooding never occurs within the zone.


Services for Workers

Activity Center for Employees

Tan Thuan is the first industrial zone to establish an activity center for employees. The center provides services such as swimming pools, yoga classes, and foreign language classes.

Other Services

Additionally, the zone offers other services such as restaurants, kindergartens, banks, and post offices.


Tan Thuan has been and continues to strive to enhance the quality of infrastructure, meeting all the needs of businesses and workers, ensuring the best working and living environment.

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