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Tan Thuan Corporation

Established in 1991, Tan Thuan
Corporation made history by being
the first and most successful
export processing zone in Vietnam.

Tan Thuan Corporation (TTC) is a joint venture between Tan Thuan Industrial Promotion Company (IPC), a Vietnam government-owned enterprise and Central Trading and Development Corporation (CT&D) from Taiwan. 

Go through more than 30 years of development and building, the 300ha of Tan Thuan Zone now is a modern, multi-function hub for about 250 companies coming from 22 countries and territories. At TTC, we envision ourselves as a leading industrial park developer and operator in Vietnam, driving economic growth and providing exceptional value and quality.  

Tan Thuan Zone is divided into 4 functional areas: Export Processing Zone, Industrial Zone, Commercial Zone, and E-Office Park. This helps TTC to adapt the variable and adequate products and services to our valuable tenants. TTC currently prepares nearly 50,000sqm of offices, factories, and warehouses ready for customers to lease and set up their business at the fastest time, saving time and money for administration procedures. 

Our future endeavours are focused on hi-tech, software, R&D, and high-value-added businesses. With the advantages of the surrounding cities center and the completed infrastructure and public facilities of the Tan Thuan Zone, we hope that Tan Thuan Zone will be an ideal destination for investors in the following business:
1. Software Development, Outsourcing, and Manufacturing
2. Information Technology & Biotechnology
3. Supporting Industry for High-Tech, Electronic Industry
4. Research & Development
5. E-commerce
6. Chip and Semiconductor Manufacturing
7. Engineering Design
8. High value-added industries and services
9. SME enterprises (domestic & overseas) are exploring the Vietnamese market with a demand for SME offices


Tan Thuan Corporation